Teri Mason, professional web design, online business development, google search engine marketing, BestOnBiz, oklahoma city
Teri Mason, BestOnBiz, Best In Online Business Optimization, professional web design, oklahoma city
Teri Mason, BestOnBiz, online business development, small business online marketing, oklahoma city
Teri Mason, BestOnBiz LinkedIn profile, oklahoma city professional web design, online business development
Teri Mason, professional web design, online business development, google search engine marketing, BestOnBiz, oklahoma city
BestOnBiz, online business development, professional web design
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BestOnBiz, online business development, professional web design

Ready to make a difference in your business?

Professional Web Design / Local Business Website Design,  Google Search Engine Marketing, or you just know you want more for your business in Online Business Development... there's a lot to get out of this site. And BestOnBiz Service.

BestOnBiz, online business development, local business web design, small business online marketing, business web page hosting, business websites designs

Who are you and what is your expertise? 

BestOnBiz, online business development, professional web design, business websites designs, oklahoma city web development, okc web designs

What do your clients say?  Do you have samples?

google search engine marketing, BestOnBiz, Teri Mason, Oklahoma city web design, online business development

What can I expect during service and how easy is it to build after you've finished?

BestOnBiz, online business development, business web page hosting, small business online marketing, oklahoma city web design, google search engine marketing,

What do you offer as an elite solution in quality web design and digital media? 

BestOnBiz, online business courses, web search engine optimization, local business website design, oklahoma city, business websites designs

Welcome to BestOnBiz!

The average business owner spends three+ months looking for their main online business solution...

AKA, a website. 

This site is for business owners that want more than a pretty picture with an address.

They want working systems they can build a BUSINESS from. They want to save time and have easy access, easy storage for organized content at their fingertips.

They want user-friendly tools to pull that content together in a custom creative way that makes their site memorable and unique, and will empower them to drive that content far online.

They want the benefit of flexible independence with the ongoing support of systems that will keep up with ever-changing technology.

They want an edge in the marketplace. They want their best representation online and available before the competition. They want answers.

Are you a business owner that can relate?

Call Us and let's find out what fit works specifically for you in online business (EVERY business has it's own unique needs) -OR- Keep reading and get some critical insight in what to look for when it comes to the best information of quality business website hosting.

There are answers here to critical questions you just don't know to ask Yet.

But will make a difference in the outcome of your success.

The first order in online business; the right thinking with the right information... Getting real.

Online business owners, or even offline / brick and mortar business owners that want online representation need a source and a platform that supports actual business building. They also need self-paced access to what works online, is current, and that they can learn as the need or business building task arises...

The overwhelming question for many is:

"How do you know what's real?" 

In no other place today is there incredible hype like what you'll see in  online. And that's besides trying to drink through the information fire-hose of the web. NO wonder there is such a vast percentage of "redo's" when it comes to websites.

Let's start with an "owner-centered" mindset.

Teri Mason, professional web design, online business development, google search engine marketing, BestOnBiz, oklahoma city

Teri Mason, Founder of BestOnBiz   Online Business Strategist

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"Owner centered" online business building...

Owner centered refers to the philosophy and follow-through of practical online business systems that work for the average business professional. No rocket-scientist or programmer required for the average daily running and building of your business. The program should be manageable for small business online marketing, where either the owner or a designated small team can run the systems and see measurable traffic / rankings increase as they work the systems. Let's break this down more...

  • Does the platform include time-saving, time-leveraging tools that let the business owners or personnel run a more effective business? Are there organizational tools and systems that allow the Online Business Owner to get, and manage content with greater ease?
  • Does the system work as a whole where the technological tools "play nicely together?" Assembling a suite of tools that work seamlessly together in conjunction with staying updated goes beyond the casual website.
local business website design, small business online marketing, business websites designs, business web page hosting, oklahoma city web designBusiness Websites Designs
  • As you look at how to interact with the online business tool or platform, think about what the program is demanding of you... For example - when you think about it, Facebook's business model is to get you to spend as much time as possible, not actually a good thing for business owners. They put numerous barriers in place to limit interaction with others from a business standpoint. Other programs have "field" limitations (those little boxes that tell you - you can have only so many characters or other content limitors), curbing what / how much you can wield in content formulation.  This may be in the business description, the subject line, anything "above the fold" (the screen area before using the scroll bar) where you want the most control over the first - maybe only impression.
  • Usability and flexibility of the program once professional service is completed. How user-friendly is the program? Are there systems that can be more easily duplicated, easily taught and coordinated between every day business people? Are there layman friendly user guides or videos? What level of expertise do you need to be creative with the program over just muddling through it?
  • How well does the program protect you, the business owner, with your intellectual property and content development? A foundational part of the Owner Centered aspect, especially when it comes to online business is to keep as much "in-house" and within your direction as possible. This includes content. With intellectual property transforming into one of the business owners most valuable commodities, the more kept in-house, the better off the business is.
  • Is the platform set up to provide you with information respective of a business owner? Does the platform show you in objective, measurable terms, the success rate of their program under a process that you can duplicate?

BestOnBiz, professional web design, online business development, online business courses, online advertising course, google search engine marketing, business websites designs

There are a lot of platforms out there. With the changing face of social media and the critical importance of maintaining your content as a business owner, let's touch on SBI's Content 2.0 or C2. The C2 tool, a type of interactive content builder that keeps social / intellectual content property on your site.

You'll also see with the other videos. an introduction to SBI in general, and the "Brain Storm It" - an elite business search and plan tool that goes deep into keyword analysis for site / market planning. Local business web design should have elements that specifically target nearby areas that will help that business flourish. These elements include a lot of keyword strategy for what that area of consumers are requesting so the local business owner can connect and respond. This is only one example of what Brain Storm It! can better help you with.

Think of Brain Storm It! as a strategic, almost surgical online tool for carving out the most precise connections, joining with traffic, and monitoring supply and demand. With this ability to monitor supply and demand come solutions that provide crucial information for site layout, priorities of content, and trend indicators.

Back to C2. That edge mentioned at the top of this page? SBI's "C2" or Content 2.0 is one that has numerous possibilities...

C2 is a tool where you can allow visitors to actually write responses to your content. These responses can be comments, passages or independent articles. The site owner has a variety of settings for managing and approving the contributions.

The business owner can also direct this business building tool towards monetization, and becomes a type of Search Optimization tool on steroids because of the multiplied affect in both content volume and traffic increase. It's the next generation in usability content management.

While most business owners will unwittingly turn over much of their online content over to a third party social media site that has NO investment into the owners business, the C-2 platform stays in the ball court of the small business owner.

There are people that have built hundreds of pages (and more) on their site of great content.

Imagine the impact on getting seen online when there are scores of people contributing. You also have better community direction for the best online culture possible as all content can be managed, including initial approval - before becoming part of your site.

Above; Introduction to SiteBuild It!

Below; SBI Content 2.0 


Having your site “together” inspires confidence in the online experience. The professional, organized and open display of who you are as a company inspires trust.

Chosen well, small business online marketing can serve as a type of “equalizer”... in the most competitive realm of all.

  • Your online business isn’t bound by your back yard – it can be regional, national, or global in reach, and you can pick!
  • It's working 24 hours a day, multiplied in distribution in ways local businesses (brick & mortar) simply can’t touch.
  • It can monitor, promote, and direct communications or activity with automated reminders for what your specific clientele are asking.
  • It can provide an ongoing conduit for who you are, what you represent, and what makes you or your business unique; content that inspires trust, relation, and interaction from wherever your customers are.
  • It can connect you with the right people in the way THEY are asking.
  • It can transform the success of your online business.




 Remember, real online business involves systems, processes and automation that empower you in actually getting the job done,      that promotes you for the next job, and the next.

We offer several packed training's through this site that function as a mini online advertising course, or a variety of online business courses. You'll also find a lot in web search engine optimization, business web page hosting / professional web design, online business software, and usability content management. 

If you're new and wanting to grasp the bigger picture, check out our Thrive Cycle Page. It is packed, and you'll come away with a lot better awareness of what you can do for your business.  

Be informed, execute a solid plan...  and thrive,

Teri Mason for BestOnBiz